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Contact Information
Please make sure that you provide us with your veterinarian information, local
contact or emergency phone numbers.

Health and Shot Records
Your dog must be current on all inoculations; Distemper booster, rabies and canine
cough (Bordatella) protection.

Your dog should be in good health and free from parasites. If there is any problem with your dog, please advise us before you bring in your pet so that we can make the proper arrangements.

We serve Pedigree dog food.
You are welcome to bring your own brand of dry or canned dog food.
Please insure that the name of your dog is on the bag.  
Safe edible dog treats and dog biscuits are welcome.
Rawhide chew toys should be avoided.

Dog toys are welcome. In fact, your dogs favorite toy is a good idea. But please understand that we cannot be responsible if the toy gets lost or damaged.

Bed and Blankets
You are welcome to bring a blanket, rug, or bedding. Preferably something that
is familiar to your dog but nothing new or expensive. Please understand that we
cannot be responsible if the blanket or bedding is damaged.

Exercise and Activity
Our runs are a combination indoor and covered outdoor run. The amount of outside time depends on weather conditions and the type of dog.  Dogs are allowed outside frequently.

Additional supervised walks and playtime are available in a large fenced in yard for an additional fee. Extra supervised walks and playtime may be scheduled as often as you like.

We are here to care for your dogs during the holidays but there are no office hours,
drop offs or pick ups on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day or Easter Sunday.

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